WorldatWork Compensation Institute™

Level 3 Driving Results
Demonstrate your mastery of the principles that drive business results using a real-world business case presentation.
Level 2 Demonstrating Proficiency
Explore, analyze and apply key strategic business and communication principles that drive business results.
Level 1 Acquiring Essential Skills
Gain the technical and foundational business skills necessary to round out your expertise as a compensation professional.

Your Role Is Evolving. Are You?

The Quintessential Framework for Your Success

WorldatWork recognizes the role of the compensation professional is ever-changing and we’re changing with it. Now more than ever, business leaders expect you to go beyond your technical skills and think like a businessperson—understanding how the business works, staying abreast of the competition and latest trends, anticipating the future and sharing strategic vision.

The WorldatWork Compensation Institute is a comprehensive professional development framework that guides you through every stage of your career—from technical mastery to strategic proficiency and business savvy— positioning you for success as you advance into more senior management roles.

Value for You and Your Organization

Through each step of the program, you’ll grasp the critical success factors needed to significantly impact your career and organization’s success.

Speaking the Language of Business

WorldatWork member volunteer Bashker Biswas believes business success or failure is measured in financial terms — and if total rewards professionals can't speak the language of business, they will never have a seat at the table.