Skip the Resolutions and Make These Five Commitments Instead
How many of us actually keep our New Year’s resolutions when the daily grind catches up to us? Consider making these commitments to yourself instead:

  1. Be and stay healthy. There is only one you and you are needed. Eat well, exercise often, and get plenty of rest. In business, we are walking billboards for our company. It’s important that we look and feel good.
  2. Put it on the calendar. Start using a calendar to pencil in your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. Include personal time, including exercise, to your daily regimen.
  3. Stop worrying. Be the best person you can be, and forget about what others think and do. Worrying is wasted energy. I always ask myself, “In a month, will I remember this? In a year, will I be thinking about this very moment?” It’s fascinating how many times the answer is no.
  4. Connect. Connect. Connect. Make time to network—and not just on social media channels. Nothing beats live, face-to-face interaction to build long-lasting relationships. The more people you connect with in a meaningful way, the more opportunities you have.
  5. Continue to grow. By learning more about your industry and business skills, you become an expert and continue to grow with new ideas and solutions. Try an AICC training course, or attend the 2014 Spring Meeting, April 2–4, in Nashville, Tenn.

Make a year-round commitment to your health, your relationships, your growth, and being a better you, and business success will follow.


Nicole Smartt is vice president and co-owner of Star Staffing. She was awarded the Forty Under 40 award. In addition, Smartt co-founded the Petaluma Young Professionals Network, an organization dedicated to helping young professionals strive in the business world. Follow her on Twitter @StaffingqueenN.


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