Small Groups Making A Big Impact In 2014

A couple of issues ago I wrote about our Smaller Members’ Advisory Council (SMAC), a group of members assembled early last year to advise the Board of Directors on issues of importance to them and their businesses. The target size of this group is loosely defined as companies with less than $15 million in sales. Since the group was formed last spring, three conference calls have been held, and a few of the members even sat in on the AICC Board of Directors meeting in Las Vegas this past fall.

Here are just a few of the topics that have come up:

  • Sheet supply and availability in various market areas
  • Health care costs and the impact of the Affordable Care Act
  • Need for more benchmarking data
  • OSHA inspections and how to be prepared

In each of these areas, the Council’s concerns are resulting in consideration and/or action by the AICC leadership (even if the action is to say “no, we can’t really address that at this time, but will consider it in the future”). The purpose of the group remains to provide input and act as a forum for smaller members’ concerns. Currently, the following members participate: Donald Budnick, Ardent Display and Packaging; Diane Wolf, Carlisle Container; Chuck Wolf, Carlisle Container; Michael Lane, Go Packaging; Mike Schaefer, Tavens Packaging & Display Solutions; Michael Drummond, Packrite; Archie Strimel, Bell Containers; Dave Reich, Champion Con­tainer; Richard Estrada, Crescent City Packaging; Eric Elgin, Oklahoma Interpak; John Petten­gill, Michcor; and Larry Taylor, Gulf Packaging. We thank all of them for their participation.

We’ll be recruiting new members for SMAC this spring as the first year concludes, so if you’re interested give me a call. It’s our way of involving members on every level.

Thanks for your support and we welcome your feedback. Send a note to me at or follow me on Twitter @asyoung001.


Steve Young

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